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Omorembe means "Peace"

In the spring of 2015, Outreach Africa began partnering with Omorembe Orphanage located near Kisii, Kenya. Omorembe seeks to protect and nurture the lives of the most vulnerable children living in their community. Our mutual commitments and vision have made this a match made in heaven and working with them has been nothing short of inspirational. 

Take a moment to read about what we have been able to do in just a short amount of time and ask how you can be a part of future projects!

  • Planted Garden                                        

  • Fresh Mosquito Nets                                

  • Sanitary Bathroom Facility                    

  • Electricity for First Time!                       

  • Rain Barrel Installation                             

  • Water Purification Machines                    

  • Food, Formula, and Sanitary Supplies

  • Medical Aid for Sick Children

  • Flock of 45 Chickens!

  • Dining Hall Built!

  • Kitchen Rebuilt

  • Energy Efficient Stove/Oven Installed!

  • New Pots and Pans Purchased

  • Clothing and Shoes as Needed

  • More Much Needed Beds Purchased

  • School Supplies Purchased!

  • AND MORE....

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