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Education makes a difference!

Our African Boarding School Program takes a tremendous financial and emotional burden from the Lost Boys and Girls in the US by taking their young relatives out of dangerous, overcrowded African refugee camps and sending them to safe schools in Kenya and Uganda.

In South Sudan, where only 27% of the adult population can read or write and around 70% of the children never have the opportunity to go to school, our school program is making a critical difference in the future of their families, villages, and their individual lives.

Each child sponsored can leave the refugee camp they live in to attend boarding school with other Kenyan and Ugandan children. They receive an education in English, a meal a day, a uniform, and most importantly, hope for a decent future. Our program helps lift their South Sudanese refugee families from extreme poverty and brings opportunities they could once only imagine.

Our education program is critical not only to the survival of these children but is important, also, to the future peace and prosperity of their country.

Because someone like you said, "Yes!" Toto Maker can go to school and get a an education in a country where only 16% of women over 15 are literate.
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