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No matter the amount, your recurring donation will ensure
that when help is needed in the Southern Sudanese community,
we will have it to give.

Examples of what your funds provide….
  • Emergency appendectomies needed by three young relatives in Kenya of our Lost Boys because they had no clean water to drink and had to survive by sucking water from mud and gravel

  • Transportation, transfusions and medical care for a Lost Boy’s pregnant sister in Sudan who was blacking out due to severe anemia and about to give birth (mother and baby were saved)

  • Transportation and surgery for a Lost Boy’s father who broke his hip and had languished in Sudan for three months with no medical care;

  • Life-saving medical treatment for a young Lost Boy who was attacked and shot 4 times in his hut in a Kenyan 

  • Emergency medical intervention for Lost Boy’s blind uncle whose tongue was paralyzed due to infection and who could no longer swallow.

  • Emergency eye surgeries for one of our students diagnosed with juvenile glaucoma

  • Comprehensive Diagnosis and treatment for parasitic illnesses and tropical diseases suffered by many Lost Boys and Sudanese families here in Hampton Roads and in Africa.

Donations have saved these lives and more!

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Recurring Donations

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