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UPDATE (March 13): $300 still needed to feed 1 last family (Elizabeth and 9 children). Donate now!

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

These 4 families had their food rations cut in half last summer

They are hungry.  

Most (31) are children.  10 are orphans. One is blind. All 37 are living in tents.

We began supplementing their rations 3 months ago but we desperately need additional monthly donations to continue feeding them. Without our help they will literally starve.

Each family’s supplementary food costs about $200 each month.  This buys them the extra beans, corn and oil they need just to survive. We need $730 in donations each month to feed these young people.

Please donate now toward March, April and May to help us cover three months of their food. Our goal is $2190.00.

Any amount you give will help them! These food supplements (and all of our work) are supported solely through your generous donations and EVERY DOLLAR goes straight to them.

Can't get enough of the heart satisfaction you will get

from knowing you are changing lives daily?

Click the RECURRING DONATIONbox during the online process to give automatically each month!

Sustaining life and hope in refugee children is our most important mission!

We thank you for your love and support!


Take a moment to learn more about these amazing families:

20 YEAR OLD MOSES cares for 19 FAMILY CHILDREN. They have been living alone in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya for 5 years (Population, 147,000). Eight of the children are orphans. They live in two large, old tents. They need our help! These children need $265 per month to survive. (*$65 buys monthly medication to help Mareng, 14, who tried to end his young life in October).

UPDATE: $200 Raised, $100 still needed! Solomon Mayen Del and blind brother, Reuben Deng Del are both graduates of our school program. Tragically, Reuben became blind in high school...but his grades never dropped below a B. They live in this small tent in Kakuma Camp with a female relative/caregiver who has two small children, making 5 people total. Solomon’s group of 5 needs $100 /month in food supplements to survive. Can you provide for them help? *NOTE: Reuben’s green shirt says “NEVER STOP TRYING”. God bless him!!

UPDATE: FULLY FUNDED! Anai (14) & Marial (18) are orphans who have been living alone in a tent in Kiryandongo Refugee Camp, Uganda for 5 years. Their entire family has been killed. They need supplementary food rations of $165/month to survive. Can you help these 2 children? *We have enrolled them in Day School. They have a sponsor for tuition but they still need food.

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